Probate and Estate Law

Probate and estate administration can be tedious and time-consuming work when you know what you are doing. It can be a nightmare if you don't. Many executors and personal representatives choose to hire an experienced probate lawyer to assist with this process. Many families feel more comfortable having an impartial third party assisting in the administration of an estate.

At Jones Osteen Jones, our probate attorneys can handle all probate and estate administration needs. We assist clients in the southeast Georgia area.

Comprehensive Assistance with Probate

The process of probate may include:

Proving a will is valid
Filing court paperwork
Preparing the inventory of the estate
Obtaining appraisals for property and assets
Locating heirs
Paying outstanding bills and taxes
Collecting money owed to the deceased person
Selling or distributing property as directed by the will
Preparation of State and Federal Income and Estate Tax returns

Probate and Trust Litigation

Problems with a will, mismanagement of a trust, or financial abuse of an elder may come to the forefront during the process of probate. Jones Osteen & Jones litigates challenges to wills, trusts, and other estate planning documents in probate litigation involving:

Will contests when validity or competency are challenged
Charges of undue influence
Mismanagement of assets in a trust
Contested creditor claims
Fiduciary misconduct
Accounting challenges

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